Health Education / Classes

Training that could help you save a life. Literally.

University Health Services offers health education courses, support groups, and resources that can help you take care of your fellow Domers—and prepare you to take action in case of an emergency long after you graduate.

Emergency Medical Technician Course at St. Liam Hall, Notre Dame


With instruction provided by the professionals in our division of Medical Services, classes for 2016-17 include:

Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED (for the Lay Responder)

Red Cross Basic Life Support  -  Healthcare Provider



If your department is paying for the class and you have completed the link above, you are done.  IF you are paying for the course yourself, you must finish the registration process by  establishing payment


If you are interested in more information or about setting up a class for yourself, your department, or your organization, please contact Univeresity Health Services: