Healthcare Following a Sexual Assault

Immediate Care Pertaining to Sexual Assault (within 120 hrs.)

If you need immediate information about sexual assault, click IMMEDIATE HELP.

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center has specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) available 24 hours a day.  A SANE nurse is a registered nurse who has received training to provide comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors, can conduct a forensic medical examination, and collect evidence from a sexual assault victim.  UHS can reimburse transportation for students who go to a SANE nurse.  If a student would prefer that a ride be paid for and arranged in real time after hours, the Family Justice Center of South Bend is able to do this 24/7.  Students would need to call 574-289-HELP(4357) and say that they need help getting to the hospital after an incident.

Follow Up Care

University Health Services is equipped to provide confidential and professional medical care to all students, including those who have survived sexual assault and can help you get in contact with Title IX.  While UHS staff are unable to perform procedures related to the collection of evidence for the purposes of pursuing criminal prosecution, we can provide medical care including wound care, testing, and treatment for STIs.  For more information about UHS testing and treatment for STIs, see Sexual Health Resources.

UHS staff can arrange for testing and treatment in the event of a sexual assault without cost if the survivor chooses not to bill his or her health insurance.