For Incoming Students

Welcome to Notre Dame!

The staff at University Health Services are devoted to implementing compassionate, inclusive, and equitable premier health care to all students. This includes evaluation and treatment of illnesses and injuries, preventive care, case management, and treatment of chronic conditions.

University Health Services (UHS) is here to help navigate and advocate for you throughout your academic career all while teaching you the skills you will need to maximize your own overall health.

To best serve our students, we ask each student to review and complete a health history form. This form gives us a baseline of the holistic care you may need at Notre Dame. Our clinical case managers review each one of these forms prior to your arrival, and reach out to those who have complex medical and mental health histories.

As you will see, the form asks for basic contact information, including an emergency contact. It will also ask if you are under the age of 18. This information directs us to reach out to your parent/guardian to sign a consent form so we can provide you with medical care while you are on campus.

The University of Notre Dame is founded on the Catholic Social Thought, in which Dignity of the Human Person and Rights & Responsibilities of all individuals are critical tenets of our work. University Health Services follows this teaching. In order to foster this inclusive environment you will be asked to answer questions regarding your name, sex assigned at birth, your sexual orientation, and your gender identity. While this information is important, it is optional to provide.

Furthermore, we will ask you specific medical and mental health questions about your history. All of this information is collected for your individual UHS medical provider. It is not shared with any other departments or people outside of UHS (Rectors, Faculty, etc) without your permission. By asking these questions we are able to provide the best care possible for our students, and strive for students to feel safe accessing this care.

If you have any questions regarding the health history form, please feel free to call UHS at (574) 631-7497 or email us at

  We look forward to meeting you and providing you care.