Insurance FAQs

Aetna Student Health Plan FAQs

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What are the options for spouses of students?

Student spouses can purchase the same insurance plan provided to students.  For pricing information, please see the rates listed above.  Spouses and dependents can use the Notre Dame Wellness Center regardless of their enrollment in the University sponsored student health insurance plan.  They must complete an eligibility form to register for use of the Wellness Center.

Why do I have to be insured by an American based company?

Medical expenses can be very high in the US and financial concerns are a primary reason why students leave college before graduating.  The University requires health insurance so that students who need health care outside of University Health Services will not experience catastrophic medical expenses.  Most area hospitals and doctors will not accept international insurance and students who do not have American based insurance would have to pay expenses "out of pocket" (i.e. without insurance).  

Does Aetna have a 3 month prescription supply mail plan?


What is the term of the plan?

  • Annual: August 15 to the following August 14
  • Spring/Summer: January 1 through August 14
  • Summer: May 15 through August 14

What are the costs of prescriptions?

When your prescriptions are filled at the Walgreens pharmacy in Saint Liam Hall, there are single co-pays of $5 for generic, $30 for brand name medications, and $70 for specialty drugs; off-campus, you pay 20%, 40%, or 100% of the cost of the prescription, depending on the type of medication with a minimum of $15, $45, or $75.

Do you offer a dental plan?

Yes!  UHS is happy to offer a variety of optional dental insurance plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of Notre Dame students through Delta Dental, the University's partner in dental insurance for faculty, staff, and dependents.  See plan brochure Delta Dental Flyer and visit to enroll. 

Is there a way to see what the vision discount plan will cover and the cost associated with it?

There is no cost for the Vision discount plan. It is included in the health insurance premium. Because it is a discount plan, charges are reduced when you use preferred providers.  You can view the benefits on

If we go to UHS, do we have to pay 20%, plus the deductible?

No. The medical care is reimbursed 100% at UHS, according to the plan policy.  However, prescription co-pays are charged at Walgreens and co-insurance applies at LabCorp.  Only Notre Dame students can access medical care at UHS; dependents on the plan may use Walgreens only.

If UHS refers me to a specialist, do I have to pay 20% of the costs?

Yes.  You have a $350 deductible for off-campus in-network providers and a $1,500 deductible for out-of-network providers.  You will need to meet the deductible first and then the charges will be reimbursed at 80% for in-network providers and 60% for out-of-network providers.

Do we have to pay our percentage amount (co-insurance) at the time of service to off-campus providers?

Not necessarily.  Most providers will file your claim with the insurance company and then send you a bill after the insurance company pays the provider.

How will this plan help with alternative medicine (massage therapy, chiropractic services, acupuncture, etc.)?

Medically necessary chiropractic services are covered under the policy.  If services are for maintenance therapy or non-medically necessary services by a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist, they are not covered under the insurance plan.  However, there is a discount program through Aetna Student Health under the Navigator that allows patients to seek this care at discounted prices.  This is included in the plan at no extra cost.

How does the deductible work?

The deductible is $350 in-network and $1,500 out-of-network per school year (8/15 - 8/14) per person when off campus.

Do prescription co-pays apply to the deductible?

No.  Co-pays and co-insurance DO NOT apply to the deductible but they do apply to the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Is maternity treated the same as any other illness?

Yes.  The deductible applies and the reimbursement rate is 80% in network and 60% out of network.