Graduate Student Subsidy

Graduate students may be eligible for a subsidy from the Graduate School for the cost of their Aetna health insurance.

Graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Aetna student insurance plan each year on 8/15. Insurance charges are added to a student's account in early July.  Students will receive an email mid July with the waiver link and information about waiving off the school plan.  Students with eligible stipend funding will receive a fall ($1,418) and spring ($1,418) subsidy credit on their student account that covers each half of the cost of their premium ($2,836).

Subsidies are applied in early October and again in February, once the fall/spring insurance waive-out period has passed. Please do not panic if your student account shows that you have an insurance balance. The Office of Student Accounts knows the subsidy credit is forthcoming, and they do not expect students to pay fall/spring health insurance charges before October/February.

Don't need University-sponsored insurance? Click here for Waiver Dates. (Scroll down to the heading near the end of the page.)