FAQs, Appointments, etc.

Answers to questions you’ll probably have at some point.

  • You need to make an appointment to see us.  Call (574) 631-7497 to set up an appointment or visit your patient portal.
  • We don’t need to call your parents unless you’re under 18.  If you’re over 18, you have the right to medical confidentiality and we won’t release any information without your written consent.
  • Student medical services are confidential.  In accordance with Indiana state and federal laws governing privacy, UHS will not share a student’s information outside of the healthcare community without a student’s express permission.  However, in the event of an emergency, a family member or guardian will be notified promptly if a student is in immediate danger or admitted to a hospital or other healthcare facility.  
  • Read About Patient Rights and Responsibilities.
  • There is no cost for an evaluation by a nurse or provider, however, there will be charges for supplies, medications, and special procedures, which will be billed to your student account.  View 'Billing Information.' 
  • UHS is located in Saint Liam Hall, just northeast of the Main Building, on the campus map.  Call Security at (574) 631-5555 if you need transportation to UHS, and they may be able to help.
  • You can obtain a copy of your medical records by signing a Medical Records Release at UHS indicating to whom you want to release the information, and which part(s) of your record you would like released.  
    • Recent grads can email (medicalrecords@nd.edu) or fax a completed copy of the release to us at (574) 631-6047.  In your fax cover sheet, please indicate the specific records you want and give a fax number or home address where you would like them sent.  Please note that email is not considered a secure form of data transmission so we typically don't email medical records.
    • More questions about obtaining your medical records? Email us: medicalrecords@nd.edu 
  • We are able to assist in the continued medical care of students with chronic conditions or special medical concerns. Your records will be reviewed by our medical director, and we will work with you to refer you to the appropriate specialists in the South Bend area. Contact  Karen Hasler, RN, Clinical Case Manager, at (574) 631-0613.

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