The UHS Pharmacy offers the best of both worlds: the convenience of Walgreens and the expertise of Notre Dame staff.

University Health Services Pharmacy is a Walgreens-managed pharmacy located on campus, offering you the convenience of a national pharmacy within walking distance of your classes.


Under Walgreens’ management, UHS is able to accept private insurance and process insurance claims for prescriptions. In order for Walgreens to file your insurance directly and honor your co-pay amounts, you will need to provide your prescription card or a copy of your card at the time of purchase.

You can pay for your prescription at the time of service using cash, check, credit card, HSA account, and Domer Dollars. The pharmacy also accepts Medicaid for students and dependents.

For convenience, Walgreens offers an “Express Pay Account.” This allows you to enter and store your insurance information and a form of payment online confidentially in the Walgreens system.


Students requesting prescription refills may do so by:

  • Walking in to our Pharmacy at UHS
  • Calling 574-239-3847 and using the automated refill service
  • Refilling by scan with our on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet
  • Setting up auto refills for your regular medication
  • Refilling prescriptions at by RX number
  • Setting up a free Walgreens online account and ordering online from your prescription history


Walgreens offers 4 ways to register:

  1. Scan the QR code below, which will direct you to our free smartphone app.

  2. Go to and select the Pharmacy and Health tab

  3. Stop by at any of our plus pharmacies located in all 50 states, District of Columbus, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

  4. Call us at Notre Dame at 574-631-6574.

Domers: Use the Walgreens Mobile App to register for text message alerts and complete electronic Rx refills.