Physical Therapy

We can help you lead your life with less pain.

At the McDonald Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab Center, our expert physical therapy team can help you:

  • Prevent loss of function
  • Recover from surgery or injury
  • Learn new processes to prevent future injuries
  • Incorporate helpful exercises into your rehabilitation routine
  • Make environmental and personal adaptations that will enable you to function more independently

From manipulation and massage, to electric stimulation and cold packs, to teaching you new exercises, we use a variety of treatments to maximize your movement and prevent future injury.

Stop by to see us on campus in Saint Liam Hall, Room 229, or call 574-631-4317 to schedule an appointment. A doctor’s referral is required for the school health plan but may not be needed with other insurance plans.  Not all insurance plans require a referral for physical therapy, so contact them prior to receiving therapy.