COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

All students are required to be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption before arriving on campus for the 2021 summer sessions and the 2021-22 academic year. 

Students who do not submit vaccination documentation or receive an exemption will be unable to move into their residence halls, complete the ND Roll Call process to attend classes, or conduct research on campus in the fall.

To meet the University’s requirement, a vaccine must be approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO). 

To find a convenient vaccination site near you, click here. In some states, information may be limited while more vaccination providers and pharmacies are being added. Additionally, students can check their local pharmacy’s website to see if vaccination appointments are available. Find out which pharmacies are participating in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. If you have trouble accessing a US-approved vaccine in your home state or country, or have any questions regarding religious or medical exemptions, please call University Health Services (UHS) at (574) 631-7497 or email at least four weeks prior to arrival.

Documenting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Documentation of your vaccination should be completed prior to arrival on campus. NOTE: You should upload your documentation for your first dose immediately upon completion; and return later to the UHS Patient Portal to upload your second dose when it has been completed. This informs staff of those who may still be "in the process" of completion.

Visit the “Online Student Health” tab on the left-hand side of our homepage to enter your Patient Portal. After logging in, go to the “My Forms” section and complete the form using these instructions:

  1. Click on COVID Vaccination - Student Form. If you do not have the form, email A staff member will republish your form within 24 hours. 
  2. Make sure your card has your name, manufacturer, date of vaccine, and lot number.
  3. Complete the form for dose one and dose two if applicable – remember, DO NOT submit information about vaccines you will receive at future dates.
  4. Attach a JPEG or PDF of your vaccination card to the form and submit.


The University offers students the opportunity to apply for medical or religious exemptions. Exemptions are determined on a case-by-case basis, and in each case must be supported by specific documentation. To request an exemption, students should email UHS at Please make sure to include your NDID#.

COVID-19 Testing

All testing, including entry testing, surveillance testing, and symptomatic testing is completed at the University Testing Center, located inside the Edmund P. Joyce Athletic & Convocation Center (Joyce Center). 

Students who are unvaccinated and received an exemption from the vaccination requirement are required to report for weekly surveillance testing throughout the fall semester. For students, surveillance testing will begin the week of August 23.

At this time, fully vaccinated individuals are not subject to weekly surveillance testing. However, should any member of the Notre Dame community be asked to present for surveillance testing, it is the individual’s responsibility to report as requested. 

Students experiencing a high fever, difficulty breathing, or a loss of taste or smell should complete the Student Symptomatic Test Request FormStudents who feel ill more generally (e.g., persistent headache, body aches, sore throat, or fatigue) should immediately call UHS at 574-631-7497.

Students who are identified as close contacts by contact tracers will be contacted directly.

Students living on campus who have been scheduled for a symptomatic test are encouraged to pack and bring a kit which includes toiletries, a thermometer, clothing, course materials, your computer/tablet, mobile phone, and accessories (chargers, network cables, earbuds, headphones, etc.).